Mea culpa…

Well, it’s only been like 6 months since I’ve posted on my brand new blog. Off to a roaring start.

I’m sorry for the fact that I’ve started something that requires a fair amount of dedication, and then I turned around and seemingly abandoned it. But please, let me explain, because these past months have been pretty jam-packed. Throughout those months, I:
– transferred to a new university,
– moved cities,
– had my first article professionally published,
– started a new job, and maybe most pertinent to my spiritual blog…
– I have just embarked on the formal process to ordination within the United Church of Canada.

So I ask your forgiveness (whoever you are!), but I also ask for your prayers during this exciting and dizzying time of discernment and discipleship. “No” is still very much an option in this process of discernment – I can say “no”, the Church can say “no”, and God can say “no”.

But during this process, I have never felt closer to Jesus Christ and to my brothers and sisters. In the coming blog posts, I hope to share with you some of the incredibly sacred moments of raw beauty I have experienced in the past few months. But for now, I just want to reaffirm my excitement of having you walk this journey of spiritual growth and service with me.

The Lord be with you.