In the beginning, I created a blog…

What does a 20-year-old know about Christianity? By what authority are you writing a theological blog?

Good questions.

But these questions beg another: What is Christianity? (That escalated quickly.)

Marcus Borg, noted Jesus scholar and one of my favourite authors, wrote that “the Christian life is not about pleasing God the finger-shaker and judge. It is not about believing now or being good now for the sake of heaven later. It is about entering a relationship in the present that begins to change everything now. Spirituality is about this process: the opening of the heart to the God who is already here.”

Through this lens of the Christian life, the Way, Christianity – whatever you want to call your journey with God – I’m not writing this blog to teach nor dictate. I’m writing this blog to bear Christian witness to the process that Borg described. I want to share my struggle and journey with my faith, as well as my joy in its fruits. It’s a way for me to further reflect on my beliefs for myself. I’m sure that what I write in these blogs will change in 5, 10, 40 years’ time.

But that’s what excites me.

Through this blog, I will be able to track my spiritual growth. It’s a platform I can use to sound ideas, problems, successes, worries. It is, at its base-level, communication with the Creator. It’s my tangible reminder that I’ve chosen to follow Jesus of Nazareth. Perhaps it’s even a way for the Spirit to work with and through me; to be transformed. Who can know where this will lead?

So what do I know about faith and life in Christ? Not enough! That’s why I’m writing – to explore my faith and to expand my understanding. In doing so, I’ll likely become more aware on how little I understand about God. But that’s okay, because God blesses us with uncomfortability and unanswered questions. We’re called to be curious, to wonder, to examine, to challenge… I’m not looking to pin down a definition of God nor faith, but rather to make “the opening of the heart to the God who is already here” a reality in my journey.

I want to embrace that uncomfortability. I want to meet Christ in the crude, desolate places. I want to carry God with me through the filthy and scary parts of my life, and celebrate with God in the good parts. I want progress and work as a Christ-centered, Spirit-led people – together.

“Will you come and follow me if I but call your name?”


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